First Sunday

Since April 2017, SANE has held "First Sunday" - an informal meet-up where we support each other, hear what people are doing in their actions & campaigns, talk about what we are trying to achieve and plan next steps. The venue alternates - one month at The Space and the next at The Glad Cafe - but at present it takes place online.

November 1st, 4pm - 6pm

This Month's Discussion: Behind the rhetoric part 2, what's going on in Glasgow and what are we doing to be part of a fundamental change in our City? Join the SANE Collective's First Sunday discussion, and share what you know, hear from others, get involved in the Collective. Email for the link to this online discussion.

Last Tuesday

Shared learning and democratic dialogue - open to all - everyone has a valued voice - everyone is a teacher - everyone is a student.

October 27, 6pm - 7pm

Last Tuesday is an Informal, on-line, democratic education session, responding to a decision by Sane Collective members to take last year’s courses onwards and upwards. Some may already know about Unchaining Democracy and WTF is Neoliberalism. In this new initiative, we invite people to propose the topics and organise sessions (help will be offered), speaking themselves or inviting someone to give a lead or set context. At this first session we’ll explore this idea further, plan our format (on-line for the time being) and choose topics from January forwards for six gripping, life enhancing months. Come and lend your voice, your ears and your ideas. To take part, email and we'll send you a link and more info.

November 24, 7.30pm - 9pm

AlienNATION - how do we cope with the deeply alienated world we live in? How do we keep fighting for change whilst just living in the present is so hard? Overcoming alienation is a collective task. But we live in a capitalist world that for its survival, must undermine the collective and reproduce individualism, and attack the collective. Introduced by Tayler Cunningham who writes:
"My name is Tayler and I’m working towards a PhD at Strathclyde Business School, focusing on labour alienation and the impact it has on our mental health. My research aims to assess the impact of alienation of clerical, office-based work, and the ways in which the organisation of labour, the pandemic and trade union intervention could impact work-related mental distress. The alienation that we all experience under capitalism, from our labour, the products of our labour, other people, and ourselves, provides a strong framework for the analysis of work and the effects it can have on individuals."
Let's come together to talk about how to shape the collective, whilst nurturing the individual. To participate, email and we'll send a link, introductory article and some reading.