Ten points for a socially useful city

  1. Consider income guarantees (inc Universal Basic Income)
  2. Shift subsidies towards socially useful production and support co-operatives
  3. Create more support for local businesses and invest in local shops and high streets
  4. Support urban farming and provide land to increase the supply of locally-grown food
  5. Localisation of supply - for resilience and to strengthen the local economy.
  6. Re-regulate public transport and make it affordable/ free/integrated/accessible/publicly-owned
  7. Build homes that are are warm and comfortable for any future crises
  8. Treat green spaces as an essential resource for wellbeing: protect the urban commons/rewild spaces.
  9. Use indicators to count the things that matter, especially unpaid care work, key workers, quality of life, and environmental protection.
  10. Prioritise road access for non-motorised travel; increase pedestrian space in built up areas.
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